Sunday, March 22, 2009

Veracruz To The Emerald Coast

Last night our friends Ken and John pulled in to the El Rey RV Park. They told us about their latest adventure involving a mysteriously pushed in door on their car while they were towing it and a dump truck driver who claimed they had hit him and torn his bumper off. Considering the truck bumper was about three feet off the ground and their damage was about a foot high, not even the cops gave them much attention. When faced with having the dump truck impounded along with Ken and John’s motorhome pending an investigation, the truck driver backed down and admitted he may have made a mistake. Ken still has no idea what happened to his car but they knew it was not caused by the dump truck. There was simply too much damage to the dump truck.

When we said our goodbyes to Ken and John and pulled out this morning I was not sure I could back out of my spot easily. I had parked close to the beach on some soft sand and when the motorhome was washed, the rig sank down a little. I started it up, tried to move ahead a little and then gave it some gas in reverse. It came right out! I don’t know what I would have done if it had not. Call AAA?

We headed north looking for the Veracruz Bypass as going through downtown Veracruz is not an option. We finally saw a turnoff going to where we wanted to go and although it was not the turnoff we were looking for, we took it anyway as we feared we were getting too close to town. It worked out fine and after a long drive around the city we ended up on Mex 180 heading for the Emerald Coast. It was another typical Mexican secondary road, narrow, potholed and winding. We made slow going until we found a nice little fish restaurant in a small town we passed through. We stopped and had camerone cocteils and pescado fridos (shrimp cocktails and whole fried fish). Everything was delicious and we soon pulled into the El Alba RV Park recommended this morning by Ken. It is on the ocean, has a pool and is very reasonable at $170 pesos a night. The ocean here is an emerald green and warm (26 Celsius last night). It may be a little too rough for swimming but seeing we have the pool, who cares. As we pulled in, I was recognized by Steve, one of my Blog readers! Here is Steve's Blog. We had a great time meeting Steve and Danielle over a beer before I finished off the evening watching the Canucks loose to Phoenix. Even this was not enough to ruin another perfect day and here on Mexico’s Emerald Coast, Life Is Good!

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