Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rain Forest Preserve

On the Lago de Catemaco is the “New Age” Reserva Ecologica de Nanciyaga where they are preserving a small piece of the Rain Forest as a nature walk, mud bath place where you can rent a small palapa and get pampered with mud facials and sweat lodge treatments. There is a nice path through the property where we were lead by our guide, Fabiola. The path is decorated with reproductions of Olmec statues. It was fun but we have already seen the real statues.

The reserve was also the movie location for the movie, Medicine Man with Sean Connery. Here is Connery’s hut from the movie set, complete with fake trees.

movie set1

Fabiola and statues



Some colourful rental canoes for overnight guests

Monkey Island 4

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