Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Freedom Shores RV Park

Freedom Shores is a beautiful park on Isla Aguada, right on the shores of Laguna de Terminos. It is a beautiful site, probably the nicest we have yet seen. Bill, the owner, is in a wheelchair and has everything set up for handicapped travelers.

Thelma and Bill.

Bill Thelma

According to Steve, one of his guests from Ottawa, this is one of the very few places in the world that is this handicap friendly. Steve’s very reasonably priced all inclusive package includes a nurse! Steve does not want to leave and it is obvious why!

Here is a happy Steve with his nurse, Matilde.

Steve and Matilde

Last night we had the grand opening of "Bill’s Bar" in the restaurant. The big screen was set up and hockey news was on so we all took our plates over from the restaurant and officially opened the new facility! It was a great time!

Here are Thelma, Bill, Claude,Norma, Croft, Steve, Danielle and Chi Chu, our all-important bartender.

Bill's Bar

Like Steve, we are also having a hard time leaving Freedom Shores. Last night, Claude, Danielle, Norma and I decided to stay one extra day so we could take a fishing charter on Thursday. Steve will be coming with us so it will be a lot of fun. Steve has been out before and the boat pulls up to the shore and a couple of the staff members pick him up and put him in the boat! He has an electric reel so he is all set. We will be feasting on fresh Red Snapper tomorrow night!

Thanks Danielle for the use of your photos.


  1. It's me again from Whistler, we're also disabled ski instructors here so if we end up in Mexico next year we'll be sure to go to Freedom Shores. I've checked the website and looks like our kind of place. Kinda strange with that Caravan issue at a place like that. Talk to you soon. The word verification here is ingrates, by chance?!!!!

  2. Good deal! Rent out your place in Whistler for a fortune and use a small portion of that to spend some time here at Freedom Shores! Best of both worlds!