Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rio Verde to Matehuala

Now this is what I'm talking about! This is a great road! Mex 75, a cuota road that bypasses San Luis Potosi is a dream of a road here in Mexico. It is 130 Kilometres of wide, smooth, straight highway interrupted only once by a toll booth. It did not bother me at all to pay my $270 Pesos toll. We were actually doing 100 KPH for much of it and Norma was not complaining.

We checked into the Las Palmas Midway Inn Hotel and Trailer Park in Matehuala by 1:00 PM and found a nice spot. The parking lot is paved with a crushed volcanic ash glass type stuff that you would not want to walk barefoot on but otherwise, it is great. It has true 30 Amp service and most important - good water pressure! I was almost tempted to install my water pressure reducer on the hose! Tomorrow I will use my spray head to clean the black tank and try to get the level sensors working again, something that has not worked for several months.

Our friends Claude and Danielle decided to head North tomorrow as they have to be at Danielle's Niece's wedding on April 10 and time is running out for them. They have been the best travelling companions one could hope for and we have had a ball. Every once in a while you meet someone and things just "click". This was one of those occasions. We have met very few Quebecois in our lives and last year with Luc and Therese and this year with Claude and Danielle, we have found the best! We have been very lucky.

Tonight we went for dinner in the hotel restaurant here and had a great meal. Claude, Danielle and I had the salmon and Norma had beef medallions, all washed down with two bottles of wine. The total bill was around $1200 Pesos, a little expensive for Mexico but cheap by Canadian standards for a meal of this quality. The service was fantastic so a good tip was deserved. We finished off with a cup of Veracruz coffee back at their motorhome and said our goodnights. We will be up early enough in the morning to say goodbye to our friends.

Here we are at dinner, Claude, Danielle, Croft and Norma


  1. I see it was a no T-Shirt evening!

  2. Right Steve! No t-shirts for Claude or I. Our wives dressed us last night.

  3. The restaurant looks a little empty; is that due to the hour or the economy?

  4. Only three tables taken Don. It was around 7:30, maybe a little late for Mexico. There are fewer Americans here this year but still lots of Canadians. Maybe the economy or maybe the "Fear Campaign" being waged against Mexico at the moment.