Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Perfect Shoes

Claude and Danielle have a wedding to attend as soon as they get back to Montreal. Danielle has been looking for the "Perfect Shoes" for a while now and Claude and I have been exercising great patience while Danielle with her sidekick Norma have been scouting out many shoe stores for the perfect pair. Today they met with success! Zocalo Street in Veracruz has two solid blocks of shoe stores so if you cannot find a pair there then you probably cannot find a pair at all. Danielle was very pleased with her purchase and both her and Claude were very pleased with the price of only $285 pesos. Shoes of this quality would cost a couple of hundred in Canada. Danielle and Norma decided they will go well with the “Perfect Dress” she found in Catemaco a few days ago!

The search


Success at last!


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