Sunday, March 29, 2009

Makes You Go Hmmm

Our friend Les from Nanaimo, BC spends his winters RVing in Mexico. Late last year he bought a large plastic bowl, the kind you might wash dishes in. He did not pay much for it and since he had no room to store it inside it found a place to ride outside, between the ladder and the body of his RV. It was not locked on but just sat there, safe and sound. As I said, it was a very inexpensive, dollar store type item.

He traveled with it this way for several months all across Mexico and no one touched it! Parked in poverty stricken small dusty towns in Mexico, no one stole the bowl.

Les left Mexico a week or so ago and made his way up to the Visitors Center of Grand Canyon and parked in their parking lot. While he was parked there someone stole his bowl! Right off the back of his motorhome in broad daylight! That bowl survived months in Mexico sitting right there for the taking and was not taken. It only survived in the USA for a week. Times must be really tough when you have to steal a twenty peso plastic bowl.

The next time someone asks me if I feel safe in Mexico I will recount the story of Les' bowl to them.

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