Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This is our B&B in downtown Havana. It is the home of a friend of Roly's who is a cancer specialist in the Havana Hospital. She travels all over the world to teach Cuba's methods. She is the one in the white smock as she just arrived home from work. It is a beautiful house! Our rooms were actually in another house across the street. The bottom photo is taken just outside our bedroom door. We got two nice bedrooms with private baths for 30 CUC each (about $35)!

The top photo is the doctor's house. The ground floor is rented out, the middle floor is hers and her new husband's and the top floor is her ex husband and his new wife. The government only gives you ONE house. If you split, you split the house as well (literally)!

Her ex added his own outside stairs so he no longer has to go through her house.

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