Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Posting Blog From Cuba

There is very little WIFI available in Cuba and hotspots are pretty much limited to universities, government offices and high end hotels. There are Internet Cafes but they are expensive and offer very slow dial up connections. I am taking my little Asus netbook with me and will create a Blog entry every day but I probably will not get to post them until we get home.

Voltage is also a concern. Cuba is generally wired for 240 volts but is switching over to 120 volts. Some hotels have 240 outlets and some have both 240 and 120. I will buy a converter so I can charge the computer and my camera.

It is getting close! We leave for Vancouver Sunday and for Cuba at 6:00 am Monday.


  1. Hi Croft,

    Before you buy the converter, check the small print on the input converter box for your phone and computer - the boxy thing in the middle of your charge wire. Most of them say they accept inputs from 100 - 240 volts, as the converter changes this voltage to the appliance's unique voltage input anyway.

    We've used computer and phone chargers in the US (110 v) and NZ (240 v) without any problems. We have more problems with the plug pins being different sizes! But a pin adapter is much cheaper than a reliable voltage converter.

    Hope that helps,


  2. Thanks Andrew. I bought one before I read your comment. Both the computer and the camera charger will accept 240 volts! Oh well, it's only money..

  3. Hombre - I am REALLY hoping for live reports rather than having to wait until you get home - Hopefully you will find a connection.