Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cuban Missile Crisis

These are relics from the 1962 "Cuban Missile Crisis" and below is the offices across the bay from Havana where Che lived and worked during the crisis. He moved outside of Havana to keep his headquarters safer from any American blanket bombing while he managed Cuba's part in the crisis and negotiations which thankfully ended peacefully with the Americans agreeing to remove their missiles from Turkey. In exchange, the Russians deactivated their Cuban site.
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  1. Croft,
    We're leaving on 08Nov for 2 weeks in Varadero, last time we were there was 17 years ago, looking forward to this visit. What kind of "gifts" did you take (we're taking personal hygiene stuff like razors, tampons, soap etc)? We're staying at the Internacional, I'm sure Brooks will know where that is. I may want to have contact info for Rolly as Rocket's spanish is so so and mine is not so so hopefully he'd enjoy taking a trip to Havana with other Canadians.
    Kelly from Whistler

  2. Hi Kelly. If you did not get my email, send me one with your correct address. Mine is croft.randle (at)