Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jet Lag

I can't believe how hard I have been hit by jet lag! Going to Cuba was not bad. We went to bed around 11 pm and got up at 3 to catch a 6 am flight. I managed to sleep for several of the nine hour flight before arriving in Cuba at 6 pm Cuba time or 3 pm body clock time. We checked in, had dinner and went to bed fairly early. The next day was no problem, I had adjusted. Probably due to all the sleep I managed to get.

Coming home was different. We left Cuba at 6 pm and I hardly slept at all on the flight. We arrived in Vancouver at midnight Vancouver time but 3 am body clock time. It was another two or three hours before we got checked in, ordered a pizza and got to sleep. It was now after 2 am Vancouver time but almost 6 am body clock time!

We slept for a very few hours until Brooks called our room, anxious to get home. They had bought a house and the deal went through while we were in Cuba. His agent and lawyer were anxiously awaiting his signature!

I am still suffering and finding it hard to sleep.

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