Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Flight

The flight to Cuba left Vancouver at 6:00 am! “They” want you to check in three hours early, basically in the middle of the night.  We chose to stay in the (expensive) Fairmont Hotel right at the airport to make it a little easier but the alarm still had to be set for shortly before three!

With groggy eyes we made our way downstairs to the almost deserted departure area and found our gate. Security went through our carry-ons and took my toothpaste, I guess to stop me from threatening the pilot with tooth decay or something, and relieved Norma of some perfume.

We boarded the Airbus and I got my 6’3” frame folded up in the seat in the fully loaded plane. It was actually lucky that I was so tired that I fell asleep almost before we took off and slept most of the way.

Cuba Immigration was no problem. We lined up and then went one at a time into a tiny room where we answered some simple questions, showed our return tickets and hotel reservations and passed on. The baggage took some time but then we took them out with no inspection, stopped at the bank attached to the airport to buy Cuban Convertible Pesos, found our large modern Chinese bus and headed for our hotel!DSC_2397

We are in Cuba!

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