Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Bus Ride

There were several busses lined up at the airport. You find the one going to your hotel, give the bags to the driver and climb in. These are very modern, air conditioned Chinese vehicles. There was a very nice young woman aboard who introduced herself on the public address as a Masters Student in Languages. She gave a short presentation on Cuba and it’s people and some advice on how to have a good experience. Her English was better than mine.

She explained that Cuban people were taken care of from cradle to grave with free housing, education and medical care. Expenses are very low as are wages so workers have to depend on tips or second jobs for luxuries.


We have been tipping about one CUC per person for meals and bar service and three CUC each day for the maid. This must be lots as we have been getting swans folded from towels on the bed every day and our drinks have been made with the better quality products!




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