Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back to Work

OK, enough banging my head against the wall, the floor awaits. We dry laid all the tiles a couple of days ago and then took two days off. This morning we mixed up a batch of thinset and started laying tiles. We got about 75% done when we ran out of thinset and Norma's arms were tired so we are waiting until tomorrow to finish. We will get all the tiles laid and the toilet purchased tomorrow. The reason Norma is doing the laying is that she does not trust me to do as good a job as she does. This arrangement suits me just fine!

We are going down to Brooks and Linda's for Thanksgiving this weekend so the grouting and toilet installation might have to wait until Monday or Tuesday. Then the next weekend we are heading for one night in Vancouver and onto the plane for Cuba at 6:00am Monday morning!

My work will be done for the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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