Sunday, September 12, 2010


I was in the local electronics store and they had a demonstration of the new 3D TV technology going on. What a difference! The scene was the Albuquerque Balloon Festival and it was literally breathtaking. The balloons actually floated right out of the screen and filled the area between me and the TV. It was as if you could reach out and touch them!

The cost is high, $4000 here in Canada for the basic Sony system. You need to wear battery operated glasses that actually communicate with the TV and the screen is unwatchable without the glasses (remember the old 3D comic books?). You must be seated almost directly in front of the screen for it to work properly so it is really unfit for most media rooms.

I am sure the technology will improve and the cost will come down but like I say, it was a breathtaking experience. I had no urge to pull out my credit card... Maybe in a few years...


  1. You can turn off the 3D effect on the TV for normal viewing. But, the cost of the glasses ($275 per pair!) was ridiculous.


  2. I feel like television has lost some of its appeal now that I can see so VERY CLEAR I realize the beautiful people aren't really that beautiful OR we spend all that money for a clear HIGH DEFINITION picture and then they use a soft lens on the starlets - go figure. 3D hmmm? When I was in Las Vegas a few months ago they had movie theater chairs that wiggled, waggled and shook to the action of the film - I WAS NOT impressed.Soon the chairs will be available for your home theater.

    I am going to wait until you just put probes on you head and virtual reality will eliminate the need for 3-D, motion seats and HD TV.