Monday, September 13, 2010

Ever Wanted To "Unsend"?

Have you ever hit "Send" and then immediately realized that a) you sent it to the wrong Bob or Mary, or b) you just noticed that you called your boss an "ass" instead of an "ace"? I know I have regretted sending an email immediately after hitting the "send" button.

Well, it appears that Gmail has reacted to this problem and has now added an "undo" button to their sent confirmation message. It gives us five seconds to reach into the cyberspace mailbox and grab the message back. This will not help with the morning after regrets but will help in those "oh no" moments. The feature has to be turned on in Settings.

One more reason to switch to Gmail. Now if they would only allow us to sort messages by size so we could dump those with huge attachments off the server.....

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