Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dreary Weather

The weather here has been the shits lately. The wind is blowing and it has been raining for over a week! Nothing is getting done outside except for re-aligning the second StarChoice dish. When I set it up the best I could get was about 35 on the signal strength meter and about two days later I lost the signal completely. It was not a big deal because that dish only serves the guest room and my office. Yesterday I finally had a lull in the wind so I got the ladder out, collected my gear (a receiver, a 9" TV and my tools) and climbed up on the roof. It took me about five minutes to find a signal of 85 and lock everything down.

Tonight we are going to another retirement party for three people I used to work with. It is great to see these guys retiring. Telus is not the same company it was several years ago and I cannot imagine myself working there under the present conditions. Most of the great benefits us old timers fought for and won over the decades are now gone and the place is now crawling with contractors and scabs. Thank goodness we have a bullet proof pension plan that the company cannot get their slimy hands on! There are now more people drawing a pension out of the plan than there are people contributing into it. Due to some very smart planning and investing, this is not having a negative effect on the plan at all and the assets are growing every year. The plan is fully funded and will continue to pay all of us as long as we need it. My minimal involvement in the formation, building and protection of that plan is a source of great pride for me.

This is why I can always say, "Life is Good"!

BTW: Nice shirt Rod! I hope you are wearing it to work on your last day..


  1. Yea, the TWUPP is the bomb. Thank Heaven for the good sense of the Trustees!


  2. Yes, I will wear the shirt.
    See you at Freddie's on the big day!