Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Yesterday was a busy day. Our friend Les (The Mexico Kid) drove his motorhome up from Duncan yesterday to get some help replacing his monster of a Sony TV. He had met someone in an identical rig who had added a flat screen TV with a bracket behind the passenger seat. This had freed up storage space in the overhead where the old TV had been.

It took us a while to figure out how the old TV was fastened in but we eventually freed it and were suddenly holding a hundred and fifty pound TV that barely fit out the door! We built a mount out of a heavy steel bracket and a commercial flat screen TV mount. All the wires reached so it was an easy install.

Next Les wanted to convert the old TV spot to storage. He figured the space would hold all his extra pillows and bedding. A light load and perfect for the spot. The old wooden TV frame will serve as the frame for a door, so we added a piano hinge and a couple of magnetic catches and now the door is just waiting for Les to add some fabric to the opening and it will look great! It took us a good six hours to complete our work and then Les treated Norma and I to some great fish and chips on the dock.

Les then helped move some heavy furniture in the office so I could complete the flooring project in there. I got up this morning and completed that and now I am flopped in my recliner watching TV. The furniture has to be put back in the office but I think that will wait until tomorrow. I am done in!

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  1. Now that was a good swap, and a fun one too! I bet those fish and chips were good!