Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finally, Someone Who Understands!

Finally! Someone who understands Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin!


  1. Always nice to hear religious bigotry from the left. Comparing Glenn Beck (I am not one of his fans) and Sarah Palin to Bin Laden is like comparing Obama to Hitler. It is just as silly, vacuous, shallow, and nonsensical when it comes from the left as it is when it comes from the right. Shame on you.

  2. Unfortunately religion has become all about hate. Hatred of gays is just the latest in a long, long list. I thought religion was supposed to be about love and tolerance.

    The right has been comparing Obama to Hitler from the start, calling him a Nazi as well as a Communist. The fact that they don't know the difference is telling in itself.

    No wonder I have no use for any form or brand of religion. I can tolerate anything but stupidity and Beck is the personification of ignorance and stupidity!

  3. As far as the comparison of Glenn Beck to Bin Laden, one self serving religious ideologue is the same as the next.

  4. I usually watch about ten minutes of Beck a couple of times a week. That's about all I can stand. He is not a commentator, a politician, nor a television star. He's just a goof ball with a old-fashioned chalkboard who is trying to attract a specific sector of America. It's working, that's the scary part.

    I have to change the channel because I get embarrassed watching him make an ass out of himself.

    You're right though, religion is supposed to be about love although it has been about hate ever since its beginning.