Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Now There Is Progress!

Self serve wine dispensers have been installed in grocery stores in France! You bring your own container and "fill 'er up"!

This would be a huge improvement over what we have in Canada where you cannot even buy alcohol in grocery stores!


  1. BYOB - bring your own empty bottle - very cool!

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  3. Sorry Kevin but I draw the line at anti-union comments. I worked all my life in a union environment, worked as a union rep for many years and am enjoying a very generous union pension.

    Your comment has been deleted.

  4. The comment was directly related to your exclaimed statement about not being able to buy alcohol in grocery stores.

    Why do you think you can't buy alcohol in grocery stores in most provinces?

  5. Much or even the majority of liquor in BC is dispensed in non union establishments now - beer & wine stores, you brew establishments and pub off sales. 90% of large grocery stores are unionized. It is not unions who legislate who is allowed to distribute liquor and for the last 20 years or so the union movement has not been strong enough to stop it in any case - even if they had some reason to want to.