Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Can't Afford Me

It is a good thing I am not paying myself by the hour! I thought I could do the office floor in one day. Ha! I started moving the stuff I could move at about nine this morning. I had to put everything on pieces of old carpet to avoid scratching the floor. I then started placing the flooring. It is tough getting started as none ot the walls are square or straight and the flooring had to flow from the hallway into the office. The first couple of rows are always time consuming. I also had to deal with a hatch in the floor leading into the crawl space. Just to make things more difficult for me this hatch is in the closet.

I finally got going until I came to the first desk. I lifted the legs on one end and propped the desk up with a stick while I pulled out the old glued down carpet and laid a couple of rows under the raised legs. By now it was time to quit for the day. I was less than half finished! If I was paying myself by the hour, I would be broke on one hand and well off on the other!

Tidy desk, eh?

The next day brought rain all day so I could not use the cut-off saw which remained under a tarp. I did a little work but it will be another day (with no rain) before I can call it "done".

The next photo was taken when Brooks and Linda were up laying the floor a couple of weeks ago. I just found the photo on the memory card when I downloaded the last photos. Here is Linda performing her magic on the saw.


  1. You are laying flooring under a desk? Talk about making an already difficult job harder!

    I know what you mean though, I can't afford myself either.

  2. It was the evil of two lessers Don. There are two solid oak desks in that little room and they weigh a ton each. Outside the door is a narrow hallway so the only way for them to come out is on end being dragged on a blanket or something. Add to that the job of hooking up two computers and all the peripherals and this just seemed the easiest way.

  3. Thought I should rephrase my comment :).

    Right, don't undo something that is
    working well, especially electronics and computers.

    Looks good and you'll be done soon. Just watch those splinters.

    I will post the picture of my bathroom remodel tomorrow.

    Say hi to Norma.