Saturday, September 18, 2010

'Scuse Me While I Kiss The Sky

Forty years ago today Jimi Hendrix took that fatal sleeping pill overdose and robbed the world of his extraordinary talent. "The Guitar God" was dead at age 27!

You can watch Jimi sing Purple Haze here. Note he played his Fender Stratocaster guitar upside down (left handed).


  1. Aha! Another closet Guitar fan!

    I've managed to get my son interested in the music I grew up with, to the point that he's bought a couple of guitars and wants to take me to the next Crossroads Guitar Festival. That should be fun. Wanna come?

  2. A legend, no doubt. Too bad he could not have carried on another 40 or more years.
    He could teach the artists of today a thing or two about music for sure!

  3. Heard an impromptu tribute band play for the ocasion on Jack FM, the Vancouver rock station, on Friday afternoon. Son in law, and drummer for that group, Chiko, says he went to the same school as Hendrix while Jimi stayed a short while with his grandmother in Vancouver. However,Jimi had been to the school many years before him. Base player for the day had been with Bryan Adams for many years, Dave Taylor, his first time playing this year. Two other notables rounded out the band, which apparently has had several offers to perform elsewhere since the radio show although they hadn't been looking for that, in fact had never played together before as a group, except for an hour's practice! The things you hear when visiting the Big Smoke...Scott (somebody) played lead guitar to a high level, to emulate Jimi, probably the reason for the accolades...

  4. This may inspire me to write my Jimmy Hendrix experience. A very internal fellow and a GREAT guitar player!

  5. We would all like to hear it, John!