Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yet Another Bathroom!

We started on the third and final bathroom yesterday. It is the main bathroom and the most awkward one to do because the tiles extend under the counter to the wall. It will involve laying on the floor to do this part. We started by ripping out the old flooring and sub floor. As we worked our way down through time we found no fewer than four layers of old linoleum. The bottom layer was very thin asbestos squares so we removed the pieces that came off easily but did not work too hard at getting all of it and the few remaining tiles will be sealed back into the structure. Asbestos is a big deal now but how many generations of children crawled around on that old flooring? We probably had asbestos flooring when I was a kid and I know I licked it more than a few times and I am still alive. Anyway, asbestos is now dangerous so we left it pretty much alone. When we finished, Norma soaked the floor all around the toilet flange with bleach and we let it sit there overnight. If there were any mold spores there, they are dead now!

This morning we measured the floor before I went down and bought cement board to go under the tiles. By four, we had the board cut out and dry fit. Tomorrow we will cement and screw the board down. This has to dry overnight and then we can start cutting tiles. Right now I am flopped in my recliner nursing a backache.


  1. I once ripped 4 rooms of asbestos tile off the ceiling of a remodel. I knew it was asbestos but I didn't want to have it tested and fall into that trap. I took the hose inside, kept it wet, kept a wet handkerchief over my nose and mouth and ripped the sucker down. Then I bagged it and sent it to the dump, that part I feel a little bad about. Still, I grew up in asbestos covered schools and wore asbestos pajamas so I wouldn't catch fire if I got too close to the fireplace. Everything is relative.

  2. I hope we get pictures. I have two other baths, I wont let Juan know about this :)