Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Final Glimpses of SMA

First, a car wash. 60 pesos ($3.50 US / $4.50 CAN). It took two people almost an hour to make it spotless inside and out.

Next a walk to the "Gringo Market"

Smoked salmon on a bagel! That looks like a good snack.

Get that one Norma, it will be good with cheese.

Salsas and fillings for our Gorditas

This is how you eat it Norma!

Dr. Juan added a taco to his order.

Everybody smile! Say Queso!

A final (and best) view of La Parroquia de San Miguel Arc├íngel


  1. Great memories there. We're enjoying Guanajuato too! Safe trip to AZ.

  2. Glad ya'll had a good time! The town has emptied out of its 50.000 visitors. Since the population of the town of SMA is 61,000, one could say it was doubled for a week!

    Travel safe home to Canada!

  3. What a fun time everyone had, more great memories for y'all.