Friday, March 18, 2016


Safe and sound in Monterrey!
The border crossing was uneventful. We were the only ones in line, we filled out our forms, paid our fees, stuck the holograma on the window and headed out of the parking lot where we got the red light! No problem, he opened the trunk, saw the booze, asked if it was for our own consumption and waved us through.
Highway 2 was quite rough until it joined up with the cuota highway 85. We paid one toll of 205 pesos and were soon in Monterrey where we followed the GPS instructions to Chris and Juan's house in Santiago. Chris was home but Juan was at work. We are all here now enjoying Happy Hour. More later!


  1. Way to go enjoy and the fun begins..poor Norma suffering with you three for a week..tell her I know a great place to get a massage and nails done in SMA!!!Cheers les

  2. I would like to see a daily report of how many hours happy hour actually lasts once you guys get together. I do remember a night at Hacienda when happy hour must have lasted about 8 hours - and some happy folks sang and danced on a table.

  3. Welcome to Mexico amigos! We wish you were making it down here - busy time with Easter here. Have great fun!

  4. I so envy you.we miss San Miguel. Have a blast and take lots of photos.