Thursday, March 17, 2016

Laredo, Texas

A great drive today on mostly good secondary roads. We passed through FRACKING country with lots of oil related industry and lots of RV parks, many of them temporary.

The Red Roof Hotel is nice, $56 on Close to the road to the MX border. We will rest up tonight.

Tomorrow's route. Part of it anyway.

Today's route if you are interested.


  1. How do you get the Google Maps into your blog? BTW, I have found Maps to be spot on so far with only one exception: it has El Faro about a mile away.

    My new Garmin is now relegated to only to show my speed in KM and, it does show the posted limit on most roads. I don't trust it for nav at all.

    Tech in MX sure has changed since '09

  2. The Honda's screaming with those new treads. Woo Hoo.

  3. Steve, 1) have Picasa open in the background, 2) get the image you want to copy on the screen, 3) press FN and PRTSC (function, print screen). Click on the little popup that will appear in the bottom right of your screen and the image will open in Picasa where you can crop, manipulate and save it. It will then be stored in the directory Picasa - Screen Captures as an image you can load onto your Blog or email.

  4. Can't hold her back now Bill!

  5. Notes on Garmin navigation above. Never trust any GPS to properly plan any route. Always check the route and make any corrections before setting out. You can us Google Earth and Lat Lon numbers to check actual locations - even use Street View to see the place. We have to force the GPS to do what we want it to do all the time.