Saturday, March 19, 2016

Monterrey Day 1

It rained in the middle of the night and a neighbour serenaded us with some very loud music at 2:00 AM but after all, it IS Mexico and we can't get too excited about it. Here are some shots of Chris and Juan's house.

First stop, tacos for breakfast! A huge selection at $11 pesos each.

Then haircuts for Chris and I. I tried twice in Mesa to get my hair cut but got a crappy job both times. Here, Louis gave me just what I wanted, short! 

And then it was Chris' turn.

Then we had to find Norma and Juan to see what trouble they had gotten into.

We then went to the tire store where the guys replaced a tire they had an unrepairable flat in and finally to the grocery store to get some supplies for the road trip tomorrow to San Miguel de Allende!

Tonight we are going out for Italian food. The fun never stops around here!


  1. The joy of safe travels on new tires. I know you don't know me.....but say Hola to Chris and Juan from Jean and I (Mark)...gracias! Wish we could be there for a visit but a recent heart attack got in the way of our winter travels.

  2. Tell Chris and Juan that the new lawn looks fantastic. We were so impressed with the house. Enjoy Santiago!

  3. Great having company from Canada not to mention the fact it's Norma and Croft. They are a great traveling pair and we are very happy to have this week with them.

    Steve, when are you and Jean coming?

  4. It would be funny if Mark and Robin came at the same time!

  5. Glad someone else caught that. :)

  6. You are enjoying yourself, keep up the good work.

  7. You won't need another haircut next week - maybe? A friend told me where to get a 30 pesos haircut in SMA. Facing the Parroquia - the next street on the left is Sollano - a few doors up is a real old barbershop - and barber - I think his nickname is Pipla after the great war hero - he mostly uses comb and electric razor - I think he did a great job on my hair - big tip.