Friday, March 25, 2016

Last Night We Were Gringos

Chris said, "Let's splurge a little tonight. We have been good so far, lets get dressed up a bit and go to the Rosewood Rooftop Bar for ONE glass of wine!" The Rosewood is popular amongst the expat community and it's prices reflect this fact. We took a taxi, went to the desk and were told there would be a half hour wait but we could sit in the downstairs bar until they called us. Wine was the same price downstairs (140 - 250 pesos per glass) but with no view.

Finally we were escorted to the elevator and taken to the rooftop where we sat and ordered three 150 peso vodkas and another 140 peso merlot (me). The views were wonderful and the sun was going down which brought out the colours of the city. The rooftop bar was full, mostly tourists talking like, "George, I like it here. They speak American!", along with a very few Mexicans. The light was perfect so we took a few photos.

Then we left in another cab, stopping for a very nice dinner at Pegaso. It was much more expensive than the normal evenings have been but sometimes you just have to Put On The Ritz!

Norma, Strike A Pose!


  1. Well, how about that! I've never been there but have heard about it from visitors to town........

    Glad ya'll had fun. With the peso as it is, those were US prices but not more then that....I think.

    There are beautiful views, I"m told.

  2. "George, I like it here. They speak American!" worst nightmare!

  3. We never went there. However years ago we blew the wad on a few Sinapore slings at the Raffles Hotel. We bellied up to The Long Bar.
    Loving your trip, glad your having so much fun.

  4. Hangin' with the rich and famous now amigos ;-) Have GREAT fun!

  5. Croft,great night out,you have to do it once in a while.Everyone looked great,Norma may want to send some pics to d trump,but hard to find bearskin rug in Mexico.Enjoy your trip.Cantinero 46.