Monday, March 21, 2016

Norma's Shoe Shopping!

"The only thing" Norma wanted to do in San Miguel De Allende was to renew her shoe collection. We found the San Miguel Shoe store on Google Maps and headed out on our Quest. We went into the store and Norma started going through their huge selection with Juan helping her keep everything sorted out. She said she needed five pair but could only find two. The clerk told her there was another store a few blocks away so off we went. This store was a gold mine for her, the selection was much larger and she had little problem filling out her wish list!

"But Juan, none of these are exactly what I want!"

The Prize!


  1. Oddly, those shoes are very difficult to wear on the we know who the visitors are from the locals!

    Leon is the largest shoe manufacturing city in North America! Think of a manufacturer and they are there. You can take a bus to Leon and walk across the street to the shoe mall. I was there once about 14 years ago and bought nothing.

    If you see "Flexi" shoes (many stores) in San Miguel, those are Hush Puppies manufactured for men and women and are sold in Mexico under the Flexi name for much, much less then anywhere else. Enjoy your shopping!

  2. Looks like Norma got her, dreams filled. good deal.

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