Sunday, May 10, 2009

Computer Tuneup For The Ford V-10

A friend of mine had the chip in his Ford V-10 motorhome re-programmed and noticed on his recent trip to the Baja that his gas mileage has improved by 10 - 20%. I got the name of the person who did the job for him and called Wayne at Sunoka Custom Tune tonight. We had a long discussion about the motorhome and he is sure he can improve not only the gas mileage but also performance and response.

We are going to Edmonton in June with the motorhome and will stop in Kamloops to get this job done. Be assured I will report on it here!


  1. Oh? I'm curious (and, I'll admit, a bit skeptical) about this, having a V-10 myself. I await your report with bated breath!

  2. I was skeptical as well Rae but my friend says his mileage went from 8 to 8.5 to 10 to 10.5.He also says it performs way better on hills (does not slow down as much). It cost hil around $300 for the job on his early 90's Class A.