Friday, May 8, 2009

Inverter Job Finished

I completed the inverter re-wiring job today. I added a run of #6 cable to the existing #10 that was too light to prevent a large voltage drop when a load was applied. It was a pretty easy job but did involve crawling under the motorhome to run the cable along a frame member.

I used to be able to fit quite easily under large vehicles but this time I found some parts of my body squeezing against the running gear as I moved about. They must be using lower profile tires these days...

I put a fuse holder in the line and made the connections. The "at rest" voltage supplied to the inverter increased by about 0.2 volts so the connection is good. I will have to test the new arrangement to see if there is still a voltage drop when I turn on the TV, StarChoice and the computer.

Tomorrow I will install new taillights on the car dolly.

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  1. Yep! I've noticed those low profile tires are on all my vehicles too. Funny!