Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oliver to Campbell River

Last night I boondocked outside the Okanagan Falls dealer who is doing the microwave replacement. I got up at eight, drove into their lot where a snarling guard dog will protect the motorhome until we get back there and after a quick breakfast in town I headed for Campbell River in the Honda.

It was a whirlwind trip and I covered the 700 KM in nine hours including a one and a half hour ferry ride! It was nice driving the Honda. For a twenty year old car with 250,000 KM on it it still runs well and gave me 36 miles to the Canadian gallon. I am paying attention to mileage now because I am getting the "chip" in the motorhome reprogrammed in an effort to improve the dismal mileage of 6.2 miles to the USA gallon or 7.5 miles to the Canadian gallon that I have been getting. I talked to the guy who will be doing the work and he is sure he can make an improvement. A friend of mine had his Class A Winnebago Ford V-10 done by this guy and his mileage improved from an average of 8.5 up to an average of 10.5 miles per USA gallon. That is an increase of over 20%! I would be very happy if he can do that for me.

It looks like we acted too quickly in the case of replacing the microwave. A commenter on a previous Blog entry tells me he called Apollo and they sent him a new latch assembly which he installed himself! It is too late to stuff that toothpaste back into the tube as the microwave is in shipment to Canada. Maybe I will call them and see if they can send me the part and I can sell the microwave here.

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  1. Ah, yes, the impulsive must pay! Heck, you could sell the new unit if you can stop the dealer from installing it.

    It's nothing compared to my stupidity though. This a/c technician told us our a/c unit was dead and we needed a new out. (Florida in the summer and you bet we needed one!) He ordered it and installed it ($600) then figured out the problem was in a control module that was about $20. Amazingly he gave us the choice of either him putting the old one back on or giving us the new unit for $400. Hmmm, took the new unit.