Monday, May 11, 2009

On The Road Again

I am off to the mainland with the motorhome tomorrow. My Retirees organization, the BCARTW, is having it's Annual General Meeting. I have been on the Executive since it's founding but it is time for me to leave. We need some younger blood in the organization and with my traveling I am finding it hard to carry my share of the work load. In our industry the normal retirement age is 55, after which we enjoy a very good pension which we have fought to improve. We have done a very good job and I am proud of my contribution.

On Thursday I will be heading to Oliver, BC where a group of us old Union activists get together every May Long Weekend to re fight the battles and remind ourselves how neat we are. A friend on mine calls this get together the "Dissidents Picnic".

Norma is staying home for now as we are having some work done on the house and she wants to be there to tell the workers how to drywall. She usually enjoys telling me how to drive but she had to make a choice. She will be joining me after Oliver and from there we will be heading up to Edmonton where we will be burying my brother's ashes. As you may remember, Gord passed away earlier this year while we were in Mexico. He was cremated and the family will get together on the first weekend in June to bury his ashes in his wife's familys private cemetary north of Edmonton.

I have only been home a little over two weeks and am so happy to be on the road! Maybe I am turning into a vagabond like my friend Tioga George.

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  1. You just want to try all the modifications you've been making to your rig. I know the feeling. We haven't even taken possession of the new truck and my wife is already talking about taking the trailer & going somewhere for a few days!