Saturday, May 9, 2009

More Projects Completed!

I am finishing off projects here like crazy! My wife was away most of yesterday and today so that helped a lot. I already told you the inverter job is done so last night I tackled installing my new printer. It installed easily on the main computer but I still have to work on the wireless feature that allows the other computers to use it.

This morning I started on replacing the tail lights on the car dolly. One side had gone completely dead and the other side had lost the brake and signal lights. It was a combination of damaged wiring and burned out bulbs. The bulbs are inside a sealed unit so they are not replaceable on an individual basis but rather you have to replace the whole unit. Before we left the States I bought a kit containing two LED tail lights and all the wiring needed. The LED's are good for 10,000 hours so this will be a far better solution.

When I removed the old lights I found the cutouts in the fenders were too large for the new lights. I bought one of those white plastic cutting boards and used it to cut out two pieces to fill these holes and bolted them in place. The material and colour are very close to that of the fender and it will not be noticable. I drilled some holes for the new lights and connected the wire to the old harness after I cut off the damaged part. It looks very professional and, although I could not test it, I am confident it will work when I hook it up.

The Job Jar is almost empty and I an getting ready to watch Game Five of the Vancouver / Chicago series of the Stanly Cup semi finals. The series is tied 2 - 2 so this is an important game and the Canucks have home ice advantage! Life Is Good!

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  1. Very clever work on your tail lights.

    Hope your wife doesn't read the blog or you may find it difficult to keep her at home!