Sunday, May 17, 2009

Microwave Packed It In!

I put a cup of coffee in the microwave and started it up. All went well and it dinged to let me know it was done. I pushed the button to open the door and nothing happened! I stuck a knife blade into the crack and pried as I pressed the button again. Still nothing. I squirted lubrication into everything and still no good. I finally took off the plastic trim and took the hinge off the door to see what was happening. The workings of the latch are all behind the plastic body and door and the latch simply does not respond to presses of the button.

I guess it is time for a new microwave! When the shelf mounted microwave went in the last MH failed I simply took the measurements, went to WalMart and found an acceptable replacement for under $100 which I screwed in place using some angle brackets. This one however hangs under the cupboard and includes the light and exhaust fan so my options are more limited. I will call the local RV repair place on Tuesday and see what they can do for me although I know that anything designed for RV's is going to be a lot more expensive.

My "lucky streak" continues....


  1. Don't forget Lowes or whatever. There are lots of the microwaves in houses too.

  2. Our microwave latch also quit about a year ago. The company (Apollo)sent us a new latch which we put in ourselves. Apparently this is a very common occurrence, at least with Apollos.
    JoAnn Dubrouillet