Sunday, May 24, 2009

Passing Meetings II

One other chance meetings stands out in my mind. It was in Leon after we had spent the day wandering the Centro. We usually scout out all the restaurants during our walk and then decide which one we want to return to later. We found an interesting looking restored mansion with nice tables inside large open windows. We could eat inside but still be able to watch the action on the street.

We returned to this restaurant at around six and ordered dinner. As we were eating a distinguished looking gentleman sat in a booth across from us. He was soon joined by a couple more men and they drank coffee while enjoying a friendly conversation. After a while he ordered an interesting ice cream dish. We had finished our meal as well and had ordered coffee. I said to Norma that I would like to order the same dish if only I knew what it was called. The gentleman overheard me and asked in perfect English if he could order one for me. I thanked him and told him I would appreciate it very much.

When we finished and got up to leave we went over to his table to thank him again. His name was Salvador and it turned out that he was from Leon and had gone to the local university and got his Mechanical Engineering Degree. He then moved to Michigan where he worked in the auto industry for over thirty years. After he was "downsized" he returned to his beloved Mexico. The two friends with him (both named Juan) were childhood friends.

Salvador is able to live quite well in Leon on his pension and keeps occupied by playing in a small local jazz band. He is very friendly and reminded us very much of our old friend and colleague, Jim Fulton who was the NDP Member of Parliament and Norma's boss for many years in Terrace, BC where she worked as his Constituency Assistant.

We had a great conversation over a cup of coffee and we went away with a better understanding of the Mexican people. It was one of those chance encounters that stays with you.

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  1. Yes! Chance encounters bring a breath of new life to both people. Suddenly one is experiencing life from a new angle. Isn't "travel broadening"!