Thursday, May 28, 2009


It has been a quiet few days around here, just the way I like it. Tonight our friend Les is parking his "Ramona" in our driveway for a couple of days. Les lives in Nanaimo and is a soccer referee when he is not in Mexico. This weekend is a big soccer tournament here in Campbell River so we get to visit with Les. We have not seen Les for quite a few months as our Mexican adventures took us to different parts of the country last winter. It will be fun to catch up.

The microwave we ordered from the USA should be delivered to the repair place in OK Falls today or tomorrow and it will be installed by Monday. On Monday we will head across the water and drive the car up to the Okanagan to pick up the motorhome and carry on to Edmonton.

On one hand I am looking forward to this trip as I will get to see my sister and one of my nieces from the Toronto area and all my other relatives from Alberta. We always have a good time when we get together. On the other hand I am not looking forward to the graveyard scene when we bury my brother's ashes. Some folks that will be there are religious in the worst "preaching at you" kind of way. I always have to hold my tongue when they are around and I know this time will be worse. When they are around the dinner is always cold by the time all the "Graces" and prayers are finished and I am fidgiting in my seat, not having the nerve to walk out. "It would be rude", my dear wife says. "Well, it's rude for them to make me go through this", I counter. "I don't keep them from eating for a half hour while I tell them all about my Atheism. That would be just plain rude". Anyway, I will get through it all one more time. Pray for me. (Just kidding!)

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