Saturday, May 2, 2009

Party Time

My son Brooks and Linda, his SO, came up from Victoria for the weekend. It has been a long time since we have seen them and we are having a few friends over tonight for a belated Birthday and fortieth anniversary party, also belated.

There was some water damage in the MH where some trim had been damaged by the slideout leak so we bought some oak - $50 for a ten foot board! - and made some trim pieces from it. Linda stained it and Brooks and I nailed it up today. It looks pretty good although the stain is not a perfect match to the paper covered pressboard it sits beside.

The weather has been perfect here so we got the patio all ready and picked out some firewood for the outdoor fireplace. Brooks and Linda bought us an outdoor propane heater for the patio for a combined anniversary and birthday (the next ten birthdays Brooks says) so we were all ready to enjoy the evening outside. It is now about an hour before guests arrive in it is pouring rain! Not the kind of rain you people down south get where it rains for an hour and then everything dries out, but the BC West "Wet" Coast kind of rain where it starts today and ends in June! The party will be inside!

We will have the big screen on as the Vancouver Canucks are playing Chicago tonight in the second game of Round Two of the Stanly Cup. The Canucks are undefeated so far in the finals and there are tons of car flags around town (mine included). Everyone is a Canuck fan. Well, except for Linda who is still an Oilers fan. She hasn't been in BC long enough I guess. Other than that though she is a great person. She puts up with my son so that alone makes her a Saint!


  1. Nothing wrong with US Oilers fans!!!!How come I didn't get and invite to the party????? At least your motor home is safe now in the drive way I hope!!!!!Have a great time with your family and friends, hugs to Norma.....teh kid

  2. Sorry Les! You know you are always welcome!

  3. I will ALWAYS be an Oilers fan!!!