Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Homescholers For Perry

Some things just need no comment!


This was shot at a Sarah Palin / Rick Perry (Governor of Texas) political rally.

Nothing to do with Mexico except for being one of the reasons Mexico is my next favorite Country after Canada!


  1. i lived in Texas for 35 years. Gov. Perry is not my favorite. i vote for the candidate, not the party. i would not vote for him. i believe that children should be taught to think for themselves, to analyze a situation -- both the pros and the cons -- and to make an objective decision. these people, like Gov. Perry and Sarah Palin, just really scare me, because they are encouraging people to do just the opposite. i think the phrase is "sheeple"

    happy trails, and keep speaking out for what you believe is right. that's all we can do, imho, as responsible citizens of whatever country

    Juanita Verde, continuing to grow young

  2. Maybe Sarah wrote the sign. If it isn't on her hand maybe she has trouble spelling it.