Monday, February 15, 2010

La Turista!

Welcome to Day Four of Croft's Adventures With La Turista! I have gotten a bout of this every time I have been in Mexico but it has never lasted more that 36 hours. This time it is hanging on. I finally admitted defeat last night and started taking Imodium and Ciproxina (Cipro) given to me by our neighbors Barb and Jerry from Quebec. It seems to be having the desired effect and I no longer have to type my Blog postings from my perch on the toilet! Fingers crossed!

We have decided to stay here one more week as, because of my preoccupation with the toilet, we have been unable to do much exploring. We also want to watch the Olympics which are on for another eight days.

This will put us behind schedule so we will have to pick up the pace a little after we leave here as we have to be back in Canada by April 24 in keeping with Canadian rules. Our week in Cancun and the trip to Isla Mujeres may have to be put off for this year. We would like to spend at least three weeks finding a new route home through the USA so that means leaving Mexico near April 1. I don't know how I fit everything in before I retired! The year is simply too short.


  1. Yikes!

    As for coming home, where did the winter go? You'll be pulling in just as I'm ready to pull out.

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