Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Treading Water In PaaMul

We have decided to stay in PaaMul one more week. Our two days has morphed into three weeks! It is a great place to vegetate and catch our breath. There is a nice pool and great beach and no stores nearby so we can also let our finances catch up while we are here. It is great to be near PJ and Claudia, our Dutch friends. They are MUCH younger than us so they keep us moving a little more than we would be on our own so that is nice as well. Claudia is over most nights watching her sport at the Olympics - Speedskating. The Netherlands are doing very well in the sport and have several medals in it so far.

Norma is hooked on the Olympics and as a consequence, I have not been able to keep up with the news. I hope there are no more wars started in the last two weeks. I was bummed out by Canada's loss in hockey. No excuse for it. Wrong goalie and the old boys did not show up to play. There is more to it than skating around looking good for photos. It is not all over for them but they will have to play the USA again and they all better be awake for that game. Canada's Curlers are doing well although the Womens team seems to be getting as many points by stealing as they are by scoring. I still have hopes that they both will end up high in the Medals.

I went swimming in the crystal clear Caribbean today. The ocean is actually warmer than the pool and the high salt content makes floating easy. Next year I will bring down mask, snorkel and flippers. I intended to this year but waited to buy them in the USA on our way through and of course I found nothing. They are available here but the prices range about three times as much as in the USA. I used to Scuba dive when I was younger but gave it up when they started requiring a ticket to buy air. My nose got out of joint when I discovered the "instructors" knew less than I did about diving so I never did get a ticket. One more stupid mistake of my youth!

Anyway, another week here and then all of March to get to the USA border. From there we will try to find a new way home through the States and hope to cross into Canada on April 24 or 25. Life is still Good but moving a little slower right now. Go Canada!


  1. We have a friend at Paamul who recently moved her 86 year old mother and a caretaker down with her.

    Susie is her name. Say hi to her if you meet her.

  2. Glad you are having a nice time. I got a real kick out of the trouble Vancouver was having getting snow for the games. Sure sounds like it's going ok though.

  3. Vancouver / Whistler is a good place to be far away from right now.