Friday, February 12, 2010

Pay As You Go Internet

Some readers have asked questions about the Telcel 3G card that I will attempt to answer. It is a prepaid system with no service contract. They took no credit card information. I use it until my prepaid 30 day period is up or until I use up my 3 GB, whichever comes first. I then simply buy more time at a Telcel kiosk in a mall or at any OXXO store. There is no problem turning it off for the summer. I just buy some time when we get back to Mexico.

I get Internet wherever I have cell service and Telcel has very good coverage!

I agree that the 3 GB should be enough as long as I stay off YouTube and Limewire. I know Skype works with it but I will have to see how much bandwidth it uses. I will not use the video feature on Skype.

Anyway, so far, so good. I installed the software (in English!) on both computers and it is working great!

Note: Dave from Guadalajara tells me that I still have a very slow 125 KB service if I use up my 3 GB before the month is up.


  1. Hi Croft. Dave Clingman back in San Jose del Tajo RV Park again. I believe their website explains that after you have used the 3 GB limit, you can still internet, but the speed is reduced to 125 KB, rather than the 3 GB you now enjoy. Good choice. We are considering this option as well, if we move from here to the Chimulco RV Park in Villa Corona.

  2. Thanks for the info Dave. One of the advantages of being able to read Spanish!