Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mosquito Coast!

Man, it is BUGGIE out there tonight! We cooked spaghetti outside and got eaten alive by mosquitoes. This is the worse it has been in Mexico this year. Repellent does no good at all. These girls are hungry for blood!

There is a big wedding going on in the outdoor restaurant beside the pool. I hope there is a breeze by the ocean or else those Mariachis are going to be blowing mosquitoes out their trumpets along with the music!

I spent much time on email today with Rae, the woman parking her RV at our house. She is tackling a huge reno job on her motorhome and is using my shop and some of my tools to complete it. Today she was taking out some bolted down chairs and had to grind bolt heads off to get them out. I am very impressed with the abilities of this young woman. She will tackle any job! The unexpected shower of sparks slowed her down for a minute but she soon figured it out! Next she is taking out half the dinette. Watching someone else work is almost as much fun as doing it myself! Good job, Rae!


  1. Thank you. :)

    (oh, and next time pack citronella bug spray by the Druid company)

  2. Hi Croft:
    I'm sure you know it's always a bit buggy here in Mazatlan but the two days of rain last week really got the no-see-ums going. For me, it's just like Terrace in the summer time, no big deal!