Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We Are Still Here

We are still in Chetumal! We have started watching the Scotties Tournament of Hearts Women's Curling from Canada. It is very poor quality curling but still fun to watch. "Team Canada" has pretty much lost every game they have played and more points have been won by "stealing" than by scoring. It is a tournament of misses! With many teams blaming the ice.

When I curled, our skip gave us s**t any time we blamed the ice as both teams play on the same ice. It is no excuse. We were also embarrassed when the other team "stole" points as that meant we missed a shot. And we were nowhere near this level of curling.

Anyway, we have just paid for two more days. It is hot and humid here, 27 degrees and 84% humidity at 11:00 AM. The fan is on in the motorhome trying to move the air and I will head for the swimming pool when the current game is over. This is the best pool we have found in Mexico. It is unheated, except for the sun, but is warm and it is cleaned every night.

The battery charger is on the car battery as it almost did not start last night. I know heat is hard on batteries but the battery is only a year and a half old. We will replace it in the states and take advantage of the five year pro-rated warranty from WalMart. In the meantime I will make sure my little solar charger is in the sun when we are parked. The jumper cables are in the trunk just in case we have to hire a cab for a start downtown.

Ah, the little trials and tribulations of traveling in paradise! But even with the tribulations, Life Is Good!


  1. Oh come on C&N, it is time you head this way....

  2. I am a little concerned about that duct tape and concrete pad thing at Paamul. I think it is giving Norma ideas...