Monday, February 1, 2010

Mexican Comb-Over

Getting a haircut in Mexico is always fun. I generally prefer to find a small barber shop on the street and go sit down for a simple haircut. This usually costs $30 pesos ($2.70 CAN) and is cut just the way I like it. Short all over.

Every once in a while Norma talks me into getting it cut at one of her places. They are much nicer, smell a lot better and the scenery is much nicer. However, they run around $100 - $150 pesos and I actually paid $250 pesos in SMA!

One thing however is common. Mexican hair cutters all think a man with a bald spot needs a comb-over! They always leave a long bunch of hair at the side that they try to hide the bald spot under. This works in the shop but as soon as you get in the wind or a pool, it is game over. I immediately go from a dopey looking Canadian to a dopey looking Canadian with a long mop of hair hanging over one side. The Mexican girls are supposed to like this - I guess.

If I am not paying attention sometimes I do not notice and get this comb-over cut. I solve it with a pair of scissors as soon as I get home but I am never happy about it. After all, I paid to get ALL my hairs cut, not just a few. If Norma is there, she usually comes to my rescue and holds the hair up and make scissor motions with her hand. This works and her reward is not having to listen to my cursing and complaining all the way home as I am brushing the hair out of my eyes and off my ear. The worst cut I got down here was the $250 peso job in SMA. I almost went back and rubbed “Mr. Ramon’s” face in it. I don’t care if he used to work in L.A. and has Toller Cranston as a regular customer! I just want a damn haircut with NO comb-over por favor!

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  1. LOL My wife started cutting my hair about 8 years ago; she does a better job than most and I can't argue with the price! Besides, she is the one who has to look at me most of the time, why shouldn't she get what she wants? If I look in a mirror twice a day it's an accident. Oh, and no comb-overs!