Thursday, February 11, 2010


We stopped in at Paamul RV Park for a couple of days. I don’t like this park but it was too late to carry on to Cancun and there are few choices for overnighting on the way. There are the “X Beaches” just south of here but I was told by John that it was full until Wednesday morning. We could have taken the car off to go in and have a look, but it was a bother and, as I say, it was getting late.

I clenched my teeth and drove up the road to Paamul. Our friends PJ and Claudia are here and had reported that there was room for us although they too are very busy. We pulled up to the gate and asked the English speaking Mexican if they had room for two nights. “Of course”, he said, “we have a couple of spaces for you to choose from”. We picked one near Claudia and PJ and asked how much. “Thirty US dollars a night”, he said. “No US dollars! How much in Pesos?” we asked. Well, he had no idea. We would have to go to the office where they would determine the exchange. This IS Mexico, right? This is why I do not like Paamul! How would you react driving into an RV park in Oregon or somewhere and being told the rate was $400 pesos? Or 50 Euros? Use the currency of the country you are in!! That is what we do and I have very little patience or respect for those who do not. That includes Americans who try to spend their US dollars in Canada, expecting the gas station attendant or waiter to know the current exchange rate.

Anyway, Norma went to the office and paid her $405 pesos a night. The highest rate we have paid yet and there is no WIFI. That would be another $40 USA a month (or portion thereof) and we are only staying two nights so that is out. I am sure there is an Internet Cafe in nearby Tolum so I will send this from there.

Paamul is a large park, most of which is covered with spaces that people rent by the year and on which they erect elaborate palapas. These palapas, which are actually houses, are very large and well built. Most allow for an RV to be parked inside and include two stories of kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom(s) and balconies. They are very nice but you have to realize they are on rented spaces with no guarantee that the park will not be sold to condo developers and you will be left with nothing. Some of these palapas are for sale in the (up to) $100,000 USA range so you are taking a very big risk of losing everything. Not for me!

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