Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Little Palapa Of Horrors!

One of the palapas here in Paamul is surrounded with yellow crime scene tape! It is one space away from us and here is the story, as much as I have been able to glean.

In 2008 a couple from the USA arrived in Paamul. He was wanted in the US for sexual abuse of a minor and his wife was apparently helping him hide from the law. They bought a palapa here under assumed names and stayed under the radar in their papa. In June 2009, he suffocated his wife and buried the body under a concrete slab he had poured over her. He lived in the palapa by himself until December 2009 when he took a drug overdose, accidently or intentionally. While in the hospital he confessed the murder to one of the hospital staff who called the police.

The police came to the palapa, broke up the slab and found her duct tape wrapped body, determining she was actually buried alive. He was arrested.

The Mexican prosecutors, for some reason, did not proceed with charges but instead deported him back to the USA where he is now facing trial on the original child sexual abuse charges. He will probably never be charged with the murder.

The palapa, in the meantime, remains marked off with police tape and crime scene signs. Some of their neighbours are attempting to sell their palapas. I wonder why?

DSC_0717 DSC_0716


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  1. might get a good deal on that place - just needs a little cement work I guess ;-)