Saturday, December 4, 2010

Almost Like Mexico!

I drove to the Landeros Mofle Shop down the street and talked to the owner. It is a very Spanish business. All the signs are in Spanish and Spanish is the language of the workers and customers. He looked underneath and told me (in English) that he would have to replace the muffler and about three feet of pipe. While he worked on it I sat in the back and was soon joined by two older gentlemen who came in for some work as well. They were both Spanish speaking and asked me how I was. I remembered the response and we had a great conversation, me trying to speak Spanish and them trying to speak English.

The muffler was soon finished and the guy asked me if I wanted a fancy chrome extension attached to the end. I told him, "No, Don't make it too fancy, some gringo might steal it"! We all had a laugh and I told him the last work on the muffler was done in Villa Corona, MX. He is from the town of Tequila which is very close to Villa Corona. He has been in the USA for sixteen years and returns to visit his family a couple of times a year but he is worried about going this year.

My bill was $66 USA, about $20 more than I paid in Mexico but about half of what it would have been in Canada.

I drove back to the RV park, picked up Norma and we drove the 60 miles to Brownsville to scout out a couple of RV parks closer to where we wanted to be. We checked three of them (there are 500 RV parks in the Rio Grande Valley) and settled on one. It is called the River Bend and is attached to a golf course. We will spend a week there at $171, electric included, making day trips out into the area.

The weather has warmed up remarkably and we are actually running the air conditioner at 9:30 AM! Almost like Mexico!
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  1. Great news about the weather, you guys all had me worried here about wintering down south!
    oh well, back outside to shovel snow I go!!!

  2. Can't believe even the Mexican nationals are listening to the propaganda being spread around the U.S. media. Other than a few extra Federales on the road south of Matehuala, we have seen nothing to indicate any dangers. Well, excpet for the odd tope!