Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The “Famous” Kings Inn

Tonight we went for dinner at the “Famous” Kings Inn just a couple of miles up the road from us. This was another place where you order by the pound and after a little research on the Internet this morning, we knew to order a pound of fried shrimp and a sliced avocado salad to share from the “verbal menu” the waiter recited to us. The shrimp came with a huge plate of french fries, some sliced tomatos and some spicy home made tartar sauce.

The tartar sauce is interesting. Every restaurant prides itself on it’s recipe and always serves a bowl of it with crackers to nibble on while you wait for your food. This one was dark in colour and had a bit of a bite to it. Norma did not like it too much but I found it quite delicious.

The “shrimp” were HUGE! There were nine of them on the plate to make up the pound and Norma managed three of them (one more than I thought she could handle) and I had to force the last of my six down as I refused to leave any of these morsels on the plate! The avocado salad was also delicious, a lettuce and tomato affair with at least two perfect avocados sliced on top with a very nice oil and vinegar dressing. Try as I might, I could not finish it. We passed on the key lime pie, paid the $34 tab and headed home.


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  1. Coconut shrimp (Big Ones!) for 100 pesos in Puerto Amigo. That is $16 USD for dinner for two (we will add in the margaritas later).