Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jim Morrison Pardoned

Jim Morrison of The Doors was awarded a posthumous pardon today for an alleged indecent exposure incident during a 1969 concert in Florida. Both band members and Morrison’s wife say the incident never happened, that it was simply a “slight of hand” trick (so to speak). In his wife’s words, "Despite the fact that there were 10,000 people in the hall that night, funny thing, no one has a picture of the actual exposure of the Lizard King's lizard."

Charlie Crist, the former Governor of Florida and a Doors fan has been working on the pardon for several years and it was finally granted. Most people who knew the singer are convinced he would never have wanted the pardon and probably would have torn it up. He was a big believer in artistic expression and never believed he did anything wrong. The band and his wife are convinced that the whole arrest was a political stunt to get Morrison out of circulation and to squelch the counter culture movement he stood for.

Today these things are simply written off as “Costume Malfunctions” LOL.


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