Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Hours

It has been pretty quiet around the RV park here in Galveston. It has been quite cool at night, keeping people inside when the sun goes down. The last couple of days however, it has warmed up appreciably. It has been hitting the mid seventies during the day and this warmth has been hanging around into the evenings. This brings out the old standby of RV parks, the Happy Hour!

The first night it was our turn and several couples brought their chairs over to our spot. Two of the men were retirees from BC Hydro and one was a Canadian Federal Prison communications and security systems contractor. An interesting bunch and all of us with similar backgrounds. I happened to mention that we had lived in Terrace, BC and one of the Hydro guys said his wife, Shireen, was from Terrace! It turns out that she is the daughter of Augie Gerhart (spelling probably wrong) who owned the Terrace Hotel in our first years in Terrace! She would have been just a kid back then but we remembered Augie fondly as we spent a lot of time in the Terrace, both in the meeting rooms and in the pub as this central hotel was the hub of activity in those days for Union & Political meetings, dining out and socializing. It was good to hear that both her parents are doing well and living in Kelowna. It really is a small world!

Terrace Hotel

Map picture


  1. Merry Christmas from Brenda and Roy in Guaymas.

  2. Merry Christmas from Joan in Salem, Oregon

  3. Hi Croft:
    Just to let you know that the Iranian Moslims that now own the Terrace are slowly closing every part of the hotel. First the coffe shop/restaurant so Don and Fraser had to move. Then the lounge and so the Thursday night crowd had to move to the Back Eddy. They also own the old Lakelse and have closed it's restaurant and bar. Sad times in Terrace!